Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Must clients use a Network doctor?
A. No, doctors are not exclusively contracted with the Network.

  • Medicare Select clients can see any Medicare participating doctor
  • It’s recommended to see a doctor with admitting privileges at a Network hospital, or one who is willing to admit the client to a Network hospital

Q. May clients use a non-Network hospital?
A. Yes. Medicare Select clients may use any hospital when:

  • They are hospitalized for an emergency
  • Hospitalization is immediately required for an unforeseen sickness, injury or condition
  • Covered services are not available through a Network hospital
  • They choose to pay the Part A deductible

Q. Do participating hospitals ever leave the Network?
A. Fewer than 10% of participating hospitals have left the Network since 1990. If a hospital elects to stop participating:

  • Choosing a new Network hospital is not required, but the client becomes responsible for the Part A deductible if they continue to use a non-Network hospital
  • The client may convert to a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy with comparable benefits if they’ve had a Select policy for more than six months

Q. What happens if a client moves from the coverage area?
A. The Ameri-Plus Provider Network covers 41 states, and most areas will typically have another Network hospital the client may use. If a client moves to an area without a participating hospital, they may:

  • Accept responsibility for payment of the Part A deductible at a non-Network hospital
  • Consider converting to a Medicare Supplement policy with comparable benefits